Vektorelle: two blocks, infinite worlds.

Pre-order on Kickstarter! Català – Deutsch – Español – Français – Italiano – ア語、日本語 – Português – Sverige: Lets’ start! Get your Ladybug and start your “Vektorelle” classic match! Move the checkers not just on a two-dimensional flat…

Vektorelle: two blocks, infinite worlds.



Pre-order on Kickstarter!

Català – Deutsch – Español – Français – Italiano – ア語、日本語 – Português – Sverige:

Lets’ start!

Get your Ladybug and start your “Vektorelle” classic match! Move the checkers not just on a two-dimensional flat piece of cardboard, but on an actually growing and floating 3D scenario. Move backwards and forwards, left and right, up and down! Build in your own way, challenging the force of gravity. Be careful not to get crossed by another player or you’ll be out of the game! 

Roll the dice, see the color​ direction: RED, GREEN or BLUE, or pick a card! If the dice says a color​, just look to see if you have it on the starting cube where your checker is and move. Attach a cube matching the color​…and you just got rid of your first cube! Don’t forget to position the checker on the new cube in the assigned color​ too, or you’ll get a penalty cube to add to your pile. The second player rolls the dice and…Hey! It’s a question mark! Pick a card and see what happens. You seem to have got an extra cube to give to the next player! In “Vektorelle” Classic the first player to get rid of all his or her cubes wins. But don’t count on being the lucky one if you have just one cube left; anything can happen during the match.

Vektorelle Soiree4D, it’s time to shake up the draughtsboard​!
Classic checkers has always worked in two dimensions. “Vektorelle-Soirée4D” works in four dimensions: 3D plus time. Challenge your mind, evaluating the other players’ three-dimensional moves in never​-ending​g matches. Animate your party with a never-before-seen, revolutionary and stylish 4D-game. So stylish, that at the end of every match you’ll have a differently-shaped sculpture on your table each time. 

With Vektorelle-Soiree4D you’ll have five different games configurations all in one pack:
Tip Tap Toe 4D, Classic checkers, Tip Tap Block, Jabberwocky, Queen’s Gate checkers …and more. Keep reading!
All the game configurations rotate on a special pin to make evaluating your moves easy – especially in the three-dimensional sets. Plus, we’ll release new games periodically on and social channels where all players will be able to share their creations. Yes, creations, since you’ll also be building your own gameplay scenario and rules with the blocks!  Just use your imagination, the possibilities are almost infinite –you’ll never reach the highest number of possible combinations of the cubes (unless your name has been patented by Google and you live in a server) :-). 

If you don’t believe this is revolutionary enough… Fasten your seat-belts for Vektorelle-BLOCKS! Have you ever played with a construction set that allows each block to be attached by any of its sides? Not just top and bottom, but also left and right, front and back, with no interruption? In a perfect static clutch? Really? Are you sure? And have you ever wished to snap a brick in a corner of a composition, but you’ve never been able to do it, because there’s no construction brick in the world that allows you to fit that corner entirely? Well, have a look at Vektorelle-BLOCKS. Maybe you believe you’ve already seen something similar, but here we’re talking about a radically different logic. Imagine being able to build fitting every corner, in any direction even upside down. Upturn your creation and continue to build on another side keeping the composition perfectly intact, even shaking it, even adding block after block. Vektorelle-BLOCKS is a block system which really allows you to link blocks. Assembling objects that really stay together and do not fall apart having reached a certain number of bricks – either from their own weight or due to external forces. You can shake, you can rotate, you can hang a Vektorelle BLOCKS creation upside down but you will never see it fall apart unless you want it to. Are you excited? Well, this is “Vektorelle-BLOCKS”. A whole new logic of construction bricks may start thanks to you and if the pledge exceeds expectations this revolution could be eco-friendly and made from bio-plastic from the very beginning. Help us to show that bio-plastic is possible.  

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