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Hi! My name is Paul Iarrobino, and I’m the Founding Director of Our Bold Voices. I often stumble with how to answer what I do for work. Since « retirement » and building my business, I find that creativity, passion, and synchronicity…

Paul Iarrobino - Our Bold Voices Resume



Hi! My name is Paul Iarrobino, and I’m the Founding Director of Our Bold Voices. I often stumble with how to answer what I do for work.

Since « retirement » and building my business, I find that creativity, passion, and synchronicity guide me and work doesn’t seem like « work » anymore. I believe the heart of what I do is grounded in our stories. Sharing our authentic voice can help shape hearts and minds. Sharing our narrative can also inspire people to change. Stories are grounded in our truth.

Sometimes our stories are funny (Louisville Moth StorySLAM – Wanderlust, 2014).

Stories can also be an expression of deep emotion: Clip of Paul performing Do Over’s at Portland Oregon MOTH “In that moment I would hold that boy really tight. I wouldn’t let go. I would tell him all the things I went through. I would tell him life would be much better. Because it does get better”.

Teaching storytelling and creating space for new voices excites me. I find it rewarding to help people develop the tools and confidence to share their truths to packed houses.

Many of these curated storytelling events also help raise funds for nonprofits doing important community work and help get their message to a broader audience.

The May OBV event raised over a $1000 for Friendly House’s Vera’s Purse Fund, and we reached 100’s of potential new donors through this exposure. We are so grateful to Our Bold Voices and to Paul Iarrobino for his visionary leadership. It’s important for all Portland non-profits to have such a venue to get the word out to the broader community about their social services.

Assistant Director, Friendly House, Inc
― Mya Chamberlin

Working with Paul and Our Bold Voices was amazing. Our event really brought together the entire Pixie Project community. It was a chance for adopters, volunteers, fosters, and staff to reconnect with each other and really hear what a difference animal rescue has made in all of their lives. Plus, it was great to hear how our favorite adopted cats and dogs are doing with their new families!

Development Director, The Pixie Project
― Jessica Berg

The stories of the Women of Wisdom (WOW) are not often told. Paul’s platform with Our Bold voices gave our WOW women such a platform. Validating these stories and sharing them with the public remains the most effective way to build bridges of empathy and compassion. Each of us rely on these connections, as they unite us in a shared moment between storyteller and audience. Without them, the wider public wouldn’t see the core values of strength and resilience which define our WOW women.
Development and Communications Manager, Quest Center for Integrative Health
― Rachel Boehm

Through sponsorship and ticket sales we have raised over $5,000 for local charities during our first year of operation we find these intentional collaborations to be impactful on so many levels I have coached new voices when producing a documentary ( It’s been so rewarding, we are creating a follow up film.

I use many of those same skills when I’m delivering presentations. I find it’ stories people relate to the most and remember long after the training experience

I also help people get unstuck in my coaching practice by sorting through what’s most important in developing a plan together with tangible goals.

This type of coaching provides individuals and organizations with practical skills in a hurried world. We people get “unstuck” by exploring the key differences from our “old” stories and our newly emerging stories.
Carol Brownlow

Through his ability to ask the right questions, he pulled out things that would help me with my search for meaningful work as I go forward toward my next job. I feel more confident now….
― Georgina Ramson

My coaching work focuses on challenging assumptions based on newly defined narratives.

We find the impact of stories to be powerful for the audience, large and small, because they are grounded in universal emotion and truth. Creating storytellers helps communities on both micro and macro levels we find that storytelling especially in today’s fast-paced environment helps quiet the background noise and reaches the hearts and Minds. Through these ancient practices of sharing we also find that tapping into this world Vision increases one’s confidence to be stronger self Advocates and Lead important causes. We have been fortunate to work with so many organizations to customize unique experiences. Traditional labels like nonprofit government and business fade away to real experiences.

These stories help get our egos and constraints out of the way so we can be more in tune with our individual and collective purpose and relevance and by listening, really listening, to the wisdom from these stories and not trying to control the outcome we are truly free to chart your own course.

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