Director: Leonardo Bondani. 5 Chapters Synopsis- Since the year 2006 Dr. Rettig has been conducting research on the use of 5-MeO-DMT and the Sonoran Desert Toad, Bufo Alvarius. In 2011, he introduced the use of this substance to the Seri…




Director: Leonardo Bondani. 5 Chapters Synopsis- Since the year 2006 Dr. Rettig has been conducting research on the use of 5-MeO-DMT and the Sonoran Desert Toad, Bufo Alvarius. In 2011, he introduced the use of this substance to the Seri tribe of Sonora Mexico, to successfully treat methamphetamine addicts. He became an apprentice of Don Pancho (a Seri elder shaman) and learned the healing chants of the Seri. By combining the sacred chants he was given as a gift from the Seri with this « Ancient Sacred Medicine » (extracted from the Sonoran Toad’s external glands*), he possibly re-created an ancient enlightening healing therapy, to share with the world.

Dr. Rettig, author of the book The Toad of Dawn (on Amazon.com) is a physician and surgeon currently traveling internationally, speaking at conferences regarding his research on the ancient use of this entheogen (many times more powerful than Ayahuasca or Psilocybe Mushrooms), and its relationship to the evolution of man.

He now facilitates « The Ancient Sacred Medicine Ceremony » (authorized by the council of elder Seri shamans to use their healing chants) along with this « Sacred Medicine » to treat addicts and also to initiate adepts from around the globe into the spiritual realm. Rettig has successfully used this therapy on crystal methamphetamine addicts where it affects their neural receptors. The addicts no longer crave the drug and it opens a spiritual gateway for them. He has been successfully using this therapy sessions for thousands of patients around the world. Many patients have also unexpectedly healed from diverse psychosomatic illnesses and other substance addictions.

This film narrates and documents the anthropological, ethnomusicological, archeological and pharmacological aspects of Dr. Octavio Rettig’s research. Director Leonardo Bondani describes it as: -“A journey into the mind and the soul, the search for enlightenment, a meditation on the human condition ..and the fabric of the cosmos.”-

Includes interviews with leading international authors in the field of this entheogen: James Oroc, PhD. Martin Ball, Rak Razam, and specialists Dr. Joseph Barsuglia and Dr. Martin Polanco who have been working with 5-MeO-DMT clinically.

Mexican celebrities and artists Laura Esquivel (Water for Chocolate), Ruben Albarran (Cafe Tacuba), Roco (Maldita Vecindad), Moyenei, Santiago & Tisa Pando (amongst other patients), narrate their enlightening experience with « The Sacred Ancient Medicine » guided by Dr. Rettig, and the Seri Sacred Healing Chants.

Leonardo Bondani is the first film director ever to be granted full permission to capture and preserve these sacred rituals and scientific investigation for a global audience at the sacred sites on Shark Island, on Seri tribal land, and inside the homes of Don Pancho and Chapito (the shamans that taught Dr. Rettig the sacred Seri shamanic healing chants). The Comcaac Nation/Seri Tribe Territory in Sonora Mexico, is an area normally closed to the public, national government, agencies and institutions.

The mission, which launched as a documentary on the fascinating story of how Dr. Rettig began to cure illnesses and addictions using 5-MeO-DMT (contained in the Sonoran Desert Toad gland’s serum* vapor), -swiftly turned into an incredible adventure full of anthropological and archeological clues regarding the ancient use of this entheogen in Mesoamerica by the Olmecs, the Mayans and the Aztecs, that thanks to determination, friends and donors -today, once again ..is bringing back this much needed light to humanity.

The initial expedition, turned into a 4 year filming project including: 5 filming expeditions to Sonora, 4 different pyramid and archaeological sites in Mexico (the aerial shots are mesmerizing!), and at the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City. Plus -interviews with renowned archaeologists Jaime Cortez, and Arturo Gonzalez (Rolex-Discovery Prize) at the Aztec’s Main Temple Pyramid and Museum in Mexico City, who both agree with Dr. Rettig’s hypotheses.

Bondani & Dr. Rettig have preserved the vanishing culture and ancient knowledge that the Seri people have almost forgotten, alive in just a few shamans who still remember how to guide the initiate into the spiritual journey of healing the soul with their sacred healing chants.

Dr. Rettig explains the need to create an international legislation to protect and preserve the Sonoran Desert toad, its habitat, and sustainable ceremonial and therapeutical use. He envisions creating « Transformation Centers » in communities affected by addictions, to facilitate therapy sessions and after-experience areas with trained staff and facilitators, working in collaboration with the National Health and Wildlife Institutions, and the indigenous groups and authorities of the areas where the toad lives.

*The toads do not suffer any harm or pain when their serum is extracted using the correct method.


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