Instagram Marketing Systems

iPT lessons are free thanks to our trusted partners: My Personal Trainer Website – PT Distinction – Online Trainer Academy – PT Minder – In this lesson you’ll learn how to create an Instagram marketing system…

Instagram Marketing Systems



iPT lessons are free thanks to our trusted partners:
My Personal Trainer Website
PT Distinction –
Online Trainer Academy
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In this lesson you’ll learn how to create an Instagram marketing system that saves you time, increases engagement, and gets you more followers.

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I’d like to start off by saying that some of the strategies in this system sit within a moral grey area for me. Things like following and then unfollowing isn’t my cup of tea.

But test after test shows that following to get more followers and unfollowing those who don’t follow you back keeps your profile and engagement up.

First, Optimize Your Profile
The first thing we need to look at for our system is your Instagram profile. While it’s nothing to do with the system itself, when you system is in place, your profile will be how you move people away from instagram on a platform where they can become a lead.

This is done by adding a link to your profile.

We tested various methods of linking from a profile including links to the site, links to a lead magnet and even apps like LinkTree that enable you to create a list of resources.

When it came down to it, we had one goal. Move people from Instagram to our email list so we went with a link to our most popular lead magnet, The Ultimate Guide to Business systems.

What about Your Content?
It seems looks are everything on Instagram. We toyed around with lots of ideas and as it turns out, people on IG love good looking at well designed images and great content.

In fact, a switch to branded images and more engaging content not inly increase engagement but increased our daily follow count.

I’d highly recommend jumping on and creating yourself a branded template. Add all of your images to this template and upload them to a scheduling software like Recurpost.

How do you Follow people?
We use a piece of software called Stim Social to follow as many new people as possible per day from competitor accounts and hash tags. We do this by looking at our competitors list of followers and following them.

We also use the search function to like and follow accounts that use certain hashtags.

Once we hit around 3,000 additional follows, which takes a few days, we’ll start to unfollow anyone who didn’t follow back. There’s are desktop and mobile apps to help you do this.

What about Unfollowing?
The Stim Social software enables us to unfollow people who either never followed back (weren’t interested in our content) or people who’s content we wouldn’t engage with.

Using the app, you can sort the people who haven’t followed you back by how recently they followed you so we could be sure we weren’t unfollowing anyone we’d just followed.

Let’s also look at engagement…

Engagement is the only part of this system that can’t be systemised. It was also the part I didn’t feel comfortable about automating.

I can’t stand those comments you get that say “great” or they’re just a pointless emoji. It’s clear some people are using bots to do this and that’s where I drew the line.

We use the search feature to find relevant hashtags and then liked dozens of posts and comment on at least 20 posts per day from the timeline.

How about Messaging?

We’re still testing this but we currently send a message to new followers letting them know we have a free guide for them.

Now, I’m not a fan of automated messages so I asked our Facebook group of trainers and reached out to new followers on Instagram to see how they feel about auto direct messages. Turns out most aren’t that bothered.

So, using the Stim Social app, we auto messaged people who follow us. Most of whom we can assume are personal trainers.

Sure, I imagine some people aren’t big fans of it but for a marketing medium that was getting us zero leads before is now getting us lots of leads.

The last step in the system is consistency. I found that if we drop off or don’t keep it up for whatever reason, engagement drops big time and it takes a while to creep back up. It’s basically a digital prison. But it does bring in a lot of new leads.

The System
With all of the above in mind, here’s a simple system to follow:
1. Post quality branded content at least once per day
2. Follow as many new profiles as possible per day (Stim Social automates this)
3. Unfollow people who don’t follow you back after 3 days (Stim Social automates this)
4. Engage with your current followers daily (Stim Social automates this)
5. Comment on at least 20 posts by non followers per day
6. Message new followers (option but again, Stim Social automates this)
7. Keep it up.

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