How to Create a Carrier Sweep

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How to Create a Carrier Sweep



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The question is “How to create a carrier sweep”. Well, people that have been in the Rife community for a while are familiar with doing sweeps using a fixed carrier. The problem with this is that the carrier is providing a strong signal at a fixed frequency for long duration and they can cause damage. So, we’ve created a carrier sweep. To create a carrier sweep, you select “File”, and then “Create Carrier Sweep”. It explains at the top how carrier sweeps are superior to modulation sweeps, which is what a fixed carrier sweep is all about. We change the carrier rather than the modulation, and in doing so, we move the powerful frequency across a range of frequencies. So, it’s not fixed. Okay. Temporary carrier sweep. I am going to set the parameters for the carrier sweep here. It seems that the frequency is the frequency which is going to get the most power. Let’s say I’ve got a cancer and so, I will choose the cancer frequency, which is 1.604 MHZ. I am going to apply a modulation frequency. You did notice that the picture at the bottom here has changed. Each spike represents where the power from the signal is going to be deposited and so this is the carrier area. So, this is the cancer area here and it shows that there’s a lot of power. The top of the spike there, is where the cancer frequency, which is 1.604MHZ. You’ll see that there is a harmonic up here of 3.208 MHZ. This is because the waveforms have got harmonics and there’s one further up and it goes up. But each time it goes up, the strength of the signals reduced. So, you want to put the power where it matters. If I wish to have a broader range here, I increase the modulation. If I go to a 25khz modulation, you will see that the power is spread out further now. And so, there’s a dead spot here but it spikes again at the cancer frequency. I leave the frequency tolerance as it is and the same with the application time. 300 seconds. That’s good enough for me. 6 minutes. What you will see in many Rife manufacturer sites is this waveform, something similar to this and they will show you how much power they have over a very wide area. What they do is they show the power and the logarithmic scale. We can do the same. We can show how wonderful Spooky2 covers every single frequency from 0 up to infinity and beyond. But this isn’t honest. The logarithmic scale makes the very small signal seems very powerful. So, yes, we’ve got the option there but the default is showing the more honest. While everybody is in to where the power goes, there will be some signal even in this area here, for example, but it’s so weak that it’s ineffective and shouldn’t really be shown. But I guess for the sake of sales, we should be showing this, shouldn’t we? We can enter notes here. So, I can say it’s my “First Carrier Sweep” Exciting times! Okay. So, I then save the program. Now here’s the long delay going whiles the frequency databases are being loaded. Okay, Spooky2 has loaded the database again. So, if I search for “Carrier Sweep”, you will see that our carrier sweep has appeared. Now I won’t make the same mistake twice. I will clear the loaded programs. You clear by clicking on this button here: that’s got a sweep there and cross with a broom. So, you click on that. You double click on the program that you want to run. Now this is the program we’ve just created. It’s the notes here are showing Settings-Choose a square waveform with a wave cycle multiplier of 1. I recommend you use a maximum of 20 volts for the amplitude because it’s again the power being used across a broad spectrum, but if you are using something like Spooky2 Central, you must use an amplitude of 5 volts in an offset of 100, for both Output1 and Output2. You can see the waveform has changed. Allow Generator Overwrites. Choose the generator channel that you want to use and press Start. And the sweep will start automatically. Now there’s further instructions in our User’s guide. You’ll see that Output2 is fixed. This is your modulation and it’s your carrier that’s changing. So, it’s a good way of preventing a fixed frequency being applied to your body for a length of time.


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